Issue 5


Chicana punk icon Alice Bag • planetary scientist Carolyn Porco • joke punk band Childbirth • the women behind Feminist Library on Wheels • human rights activist Grace Lee Boggs • National public policy chair at Black Youth Project 100, Janae Bonsu • menstrual activist & drummer Kiran Gandhi • artists duo LAZYMOM • single mother and future lawyer Marcella Jayne • musician, writer and MTV News anchor Meredith Graves // Cover Illustration by Molly Bounds // Edited by Meg Wachter & Amanda Stosz
Printed by The Prolific Group // With contributors: Ariel Roman, Beth Hoeckel, Brit Julious, Emily Simpson, Karolin Schnoor, Kat Thek, Katie Edmonds, Kelly Thorn, Lauren Denitzio, Malaika Dower, Michelle Chen, Natalie Snoyman, Ness Lee, Sam Paul, Taylor Emrey, & Whitney Blank // Limited run of 1000. 6.5” x 9”, 88 pages, 100% recycled matte paper, full color, perfect bound.

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Interview: Radical Doulas Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell

By Michele Zipp

Radical thought and action is so very necessary, and not only in times like now, when the administration is so backwards and inept that it feels as if we are living in the matrix, but always. Living with radical thought and action are Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell, full-spectrum doulas and authors of The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People. A full-spectrum doula is a person who cares for someone through all pregnancy experiences -- birth, abortion, adoption, surrogacy, stillbirth, and miscarriage. And that support is vital.

Mary and Lauren are reproductive justice advocates who empower women, help so many deal with some of the most difficult times in life, and they do so with empathy, which is what they say will create change -- real change. We agree.

"Our ideals will take us so far," Mary and Lauren share. "We can have love for women and working for and with them will bring you strength, but we also must band together, as communities––far and wide––to make real change within feminism and the world."

That change is within us all. And the inspiring work that Mary and Lauren do furthers the narrative on women’s rights, human rights, and how our power becomes stronger as we are there for and with each other. Love. Kindness. Compassion. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. 

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