Issue 5

After another year of love and dedication, we are so pleased to announce the release of the fifth issue of Got a Girl Crush Magazine!


Chicana punk icon Alice Bag • planetary scientist Carolyn Porco • joke punk band Childbirth • the women behind Feminist Library on Wheels • human rights activist Grace Lee Boggs • National public policy chair at Black Youth Project 100, Janae Bonsu • menstrual activist & drummer Kiran Gandhi • artists duo LAZYMOM • single mother and future lawyer Marcella Jayne • musician, writer and MTV News anchor Meredith Graves // Cover Illustration by Molly Bounds // Edited by Meg Wachter & Amanda Stosz
Printed by The Prolific Group // With contributors: Ariel Roman, Beth Hoeckel, Brit Julious, Emily Simpson, Karolin Schnoor, Kat Thek, Katie Edmonds, Kelly Thorn, Lauren Denitzio, Malaika Dower, Michelle Chen, Natalie Snoyman, Ness Lee, Sam Paul, Taylor Emrey, & Whitney Blank // Limited run of 1000. 6.5” x 9”, 88 pages, 100% recycled matte paper, full color, perfect bound.

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GAGC Original interviews

Shredding the Patriarchy: an Interview with the Girl Skateboarding Crew Determined to Smash Glass Ceilings

By Michele Zipp
Photos by Mike McGregor & Michele Zipp

Can you name a female pro-skateboarder? Probably not. But that’s going to change if The Majestic Sk8 Crü has anything to do with it. And start by remembering this name: Ruth “Ruthless Rainbow” Weinmann. Ruth aka “Ruthie”, 10, started this crew and she skates with girls from 5 to 12 years old from the Hudson Valley, New Paltz, and Gardiner, New York. Everyone is welcome. They named themselves Majestic Sk8 Crü after the Majestic Park they skate in Gardiner. Though created to join forces with other girls, they have honorary members in their supportive brothers and even their toddler sisters. “You can shred with us” is a hashtag often used on their Instagram.

Right before my own two kids joined Ruthie at Majestic to skate, we ran into her at our local Mermaid Parade -- she was doing the parade on her skateboard in a rainbow Purr-maid costume. My kids took one look at her and their eyes lit up with that “Yes! I want to know her!” look. Ruthie, at 10, was “much” older than my twins who were 6 at the time. But age didn’t matter to her -- Ruthless Rainbow is an incredibly welcoming soul and an effortless leader. She has an air about her that makes adults want to know her -- she’s just naturally cool. My kids wanted to skate like Ruth. And we didn’t pass up the invite to the next skate sesh at Majestic.

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